EQAS Help Guide

How to submit/update survey results

  1. Go to Enrolled EQAS page to see all the EQAS you are enrolled to.
  2. In the list of EQAS click on View details button of the EQAS which you wish to submit/update survey results
  3. On click you will be taken to that EQAS page.
  4. Scroll down to Assessment Results section as shown in the below screenshot

Submit/Update Survey results

  1. If you want to submit results for Survey 1, click on Submit Survey-1 Results button else if you need to submit results for Survey 2, click on Submit Survey-2 Results button.
  2. When you click on any of those buttons, you will see a popup.
  3. This popup will show the ONLY fields for the Tests you have enrolled to.
  1. After you enter results for all/few tests you have enrolled, you can scroll to the bottom of the popup to click on Update Results button.
  2. When your results are submitted, you can see following success message in the popup.
  1. Updating the survey results, close the popup by clicking on ‘X’ button at top right corner of the popup.
  2. Reload the EQAS page to see the updated results in the table.

Important note

  • When you submit/update results in popup, that does not mean that is your Final submission.
  • You can modify results in the popup as many times as you want until last date of the Survey OR until you Make a Final Submission
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